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If you need assistance with your existing cartridges, please review our Technical Support tab for our Instructions, Policies, and Trouble-Shooting Instructions which are CRITICAL for your Success!

SCENARIO #1: We will exchange up to 180 days from your purchase date and provide a refund up to 90 days from your purchase date. Qualifying cartridges will be sealed in the original wrapper.

EXCHANGE: Shipping charges were paid to deliver the original order, we will hold back $5.95 in exchange value to ship an exchange even though the shipping cost may be higher.

REFUND: Shipping charges were paid to deliver the original order. We will not refund the full shipping charge we paid initially, if the returning items bring the sub-total of the original order below our 40.00 free shipping.

To process an EXCHANGE or RETURN, you MUST obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before sending your product back. To request an RMA number, please fill out our CONTACT US (bottom of our home page) form or email us with a brief reason for this request plus your first and last name on the order, email address used on the order, and/or your order number.

In an exchange or refund, we do not have a restocking fee on inkjet cartridges; we do charge a restocking fee of 20% on toner cartridge returns.

If you purchased a Buy a Quantity and Get 1 Free package these are a great value, however if you need to return or exchange with this package, one of the returning cartridges must be considered a free cartridge.

SCENARIO #2: If you ordered the wrong cartridges, break the factory seal and remove the factory tape and-or cap, we will NOT refund this purchase. We can exchange or refund any additional unopened cartridges you may have in the order.
Due to the sensitivity of the computer chip mounted on the cartridge and potential problems caused due to handling an open cartridge. We can't take a chance on shipping the cartridge to another customer and having a problem with the chip that we didn't cause. The cartridge can not be re-sold and they have no value at this point.

Please be sure you have the correct model cartridge BEFORE opening a cartridge. Our website will recommend the correct cartridge model for your printer or you can reference your printer manufacturer's website to be sure (Canon.com, HP.com, Epson.com, etc.).

SCENARIO #3: OUR Technical Team is the only authorized entity that can determine if a cartridge is defective under our warranty. If we make this determination or our website recommends the incorrect cartridge for your printer, we will exchange or refund your purchase even if a cartridge has been opened.

Our policy will allow ONE of each color cartridge to use as a trial providing our instructions and trouble-shooting are followed and we are involved, if needed. If we can't remedy the problem, we will not hold back the shipping we paid to deliver the original order and we refund the entire purchase. This provides a worry-free trial for our customers.

To clarify, we will only warranty cartridges if a customer can't resolve the problem with our instructions and trouble-shooting and we are asked to get involved with additional instructions for success. If a customer refuses to read our instructions and policies and will not trouble-shoot a problem and does not get us involved to remedy the problem for whatever reason, we will not provide a refund on the original shipping we paid to ship the order.

SCENARIO # 4: We must be notified within 10 days of receiving an order if there is problem with the order accuracy. This includes each cartridge model number and ink color.

Due to the high-quality products we provide, our cartridges work well in 99% of the printer population which is fortunate. Your printer can possibly be one of the 1% that will not work with our cartridge-computer chip combination, name brand cartridges may be your only option. Once our instructions and policies are followed, and our technical team needs to get involved with additional instructions, we have success 99.9% of the time.

Return Material Authorizations (RMA):
We will provide the correct address for exchange or return when we issue an RMA.

Authorized returns must be in a sealed plastic zip lock bag or cling wrap to prevent potential leaking ink damaging cartridge boxes in sell-able condition to ensure a refund or exchange.

*VERY IMPORTANT: To avoid spending money shipping an item back and we are not able to provide an exchange or refund or pay additional shipping sending the items back to you, it is REQUIRED to obtain a Return Authorization first. See SCENARIO #1 above for further details.